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Container Lashing Equipment

GLS is a professional manufacturer engaged in design, production and supply of shipping lashing products. As a new raised manufacturer worldwide, they are always focused on providing a better and more efficient service for the lashing industry. Now they have more than 120 sales and service outlets in more than 50 countries around the world, including Singapore, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and China mainland, in which they supply for about 700 customers and to ensure that their clients receive the best of services.

GLS has its own factory to charge the process from the most begging of the production till its last step, so they can control all processes in order to ensure each step of production and have effective management and strict control.


                                                                 Container vessels                    Ro-Ro vessels                    Timber Vessels

                                                                 Foundations                             O-rings/Lashpots              O-rings

                                                                 O-rings/Lashing Eyes              Lashing Chains                  Shackles/Wire rope clips

                                                                 Cones/Guide Fittings              Lashing belts                     Turnbuckles

                                                                 Twistlocks                                 Wheel chocks                    Lashing belts

                                                                 Bridge Fittings                         Trailer horses                    Tension Levers