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Samkun Century is a global leading company in field of marine water treatment industry. They have advanced development of new technologies and have established a solid foothold in marine equipment industry based on solid profit structure. Started from water treatment equipment, they have diversified into offshore plant, Ballast water treatment system, Coating, Painting and pipe spool to strengthen the competitiveness. 

ARA Plasma Ballast Water Treatment System(BWTS)



ARA PLASMA BWTS(Ballast Water Treatment System) is developed for prevention of migration problems of marine organisms. It sterilizes and removes harmful or forbidden marine organisms by auto back flushing filter module in front of the system and physical treatment devices which use plasma and MPUV.


· No by product with general sterilization

· Harmlessness to humans, Absence of chemical substance.

Technical process

· Outstanding sterilization even for seawater and clear water with high turbidity by excellent performance of low-voltage plasma.

· Excellent automatic filter system

· Sensor for water leakage assures safety of ships and human lives.

· Guaranteed durability with PE coating on major parts and pipes.


· Low electricity consumption

· Low consumption of water during back-flushing the filter.


· Compact size helps easy application to ships.

· Convenient maintenance and installation.



· No use chemical substances

· By-product is not generated

· No use neutralizing agent, so there are no secondary pollutant


· Simple maintenance

· Easy installation to newly constructed & existing vessel

· Easy operation by automatic control system


· Competitive Price

· Compact size with minimal foot print

· Low Power Consumption


· Exceptional performance of ARA PLASMA BWTS in high level of turbidity

· Differentiation of leakage sensor in MPUV chamber

· Use of inner polyethylene coating pipes


· Safety for marine environment

· Safety for your assets and your people