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Japanese Service Engineer at premises of Sea Power

Diesel Engine Service Division 

As one of the leading main engine makers in the world with
nearly 90 years of experience, we contribute to the safe and
economical navigation of vessels by offering our extensive
knowledge and skills along with our trusted genuine spare


MES Genuine Parts:

Trust be Clients by nearly 90 years

We keep an extensive inventory of the highest quality parts,
manufactured in-house from our reliable supply chain. In
combination with our service network, we are able to deliver
to any place in the world in the shortest possible time.





Extensive technical know-how

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers are available to quickly answer any of your questions. We can provide solutions for improving efficiency, protecting the environment and of course, safe navigation.

Mitsui’s assured quality & technology support marine transportation in global economic fluctuations.


                                        Fuel saving                                           Environment Protection                                     Crew support

Electronic VIT                                        Slide type fuel valve                                       Diesel engine training                             De-rating
Fuel savings can be                               Compared to conventional                               Increase the skill level of                           By changing the output
achieved by optimizing the                  fuel valves, PM & NOx                                       ship staff with our engine                          point from the newly
fuel injection timing                              emissions are reduced.                                     training courses.                                         designed point, significant
at low load operation range.               Making slide type fuel valves                           Greater technical skill                                 fuel savings are possible
                                                                 one of our more Eco-friendly                           and knowledge of vessel
                                                                 products.                                                             staff will lead to safe
                                                                                                                                               operation, cost reduction
                                                                                                                                               and engine optimization.  


- Electronic control VIT (Variable Injection Timing)

- De-rating 

- Slide type fuel valve 

- EcoCam 

- COL (Controlled Oil Level) type exhaust valve 

- Alpha Lub. System 

- BWM (Bearing Wear Monitoring)

- WIO (Water In Oil Monitoring)

- PMI-online with auto-tuning 

- Cold corrosion countermeasures 

- Electrically-driven moment compensator 

- MC/MC-C to ME-B engine 

- ME/ME-C to ME-GI engine





Engine type: 7S80MC-C

@50% Load 

Pmax: 8bar up

SFOC saving = 1.7%(=2.9g/kWh)


Operation: 6000hrs/year