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MET T/Cs, Propellers, Fin Stabilizers
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MET Turbochargers are the global standard exhaust gas turbochargers for use in large marine and stationary diesel engines.







Hybrid Turbochargers

As well as supplying supercharged air to the engine, MHI-MME's hybrid turbochargers generate electric power from the turbocharger's rotational energy.







Variable Turbine Inlet (VTI) Turbochargers

Turbochargers improve engine performance at low load operation through maintaining high scavenging pressure by changing the nozzle area.







Electro-assist Turbochargers

The electric-assist turbochargers currently being developed by MHI-MME provide a superior engine performance for slow steaming under at low loads, contributing to significant cost reductions.








Steering Gears

 MHI-MME's electro-hydraulic steering gears have a simple, compact design and employ an extremely responsive hydraulic system. They are highly reliable and durable, and can be used in a wide range of vessels, including commercial ships, naval ships and specialized ships.