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Daihatsu, Yanmar, Miura, Nakakita, Taiko Kikai, Nabco,
spare parts ex Japanese Sub-contractors

Our company was established in 1982 at Yokohama as a service engineering company for instrumentation of ships, especially for maintenance of LNG ships with pneumatic control system. Throughout various and unique experience we are trying to create our own bland value in after service of machineries for ships and plants. We believe safety and economically healthy maintenance of ships and plants would be strong demands as before and more in future .Our policy is to keep studying, gather professional knowledge and try to find a better solution. We hope our small support is reflected in your business activity and takes a roll in your success story.

Business lines 

  • Supply of Spare Parts ex Japanese Subcontractors
  • Instrumentation Engineering

          Inspection, Calibration, Repair and Modification works for Ships and Plants instrumentation

  • Employment agency for Instrumentation Supervising Engineer for Plants
  • Service agent of Nabtesco Marine Control Systems Company
  • Distributor and Service Agent of Kidde Fire Protection (UK)/Graviner Oil Mist Detector in Japan
  • Sales and Service agent of Santetsu SE-DEPAK equipment
  • Calibration and Certification with Traceablity for Instrumentation Equipment
  • Supply and Consultant of Marine Machineries and Spare Parts for Ship Managing Company