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LIEBHERR is specialized in construction machines and maritime cranes. The company is established as an innovation leader worldwide. The construction machine portfolio includes crawler cranes, duty-cycle crawler cranes, as well as piling and drilling rigs. The diversified maritime product range contains mobile harbor cranes, ship cranes, offshore cranes, and reach stackers.

Liebherr ship cranes are excellent performers in container, break-bulk and dry bulk handling as well as heavy lift operations.


Container and break-bulk handling 





As the load capacities of container vessels increase, the need for efficient and flexible material handling equipment grows. Liebherr ship cranes are fast and reliable deck installations that serve as an effective enhancement to permanently installed port equipment. 


Dry bulk handling






The handling of dry bulk goods on board vessels requires robust ship cranes that can work quickly and reliably even under arduous environmental conditions. Liebherr ship cranes are designed precisely for these conditions and ensure efficient goods handling from ship to ship as well as from ship to shore. 


Heavy lifting






Liebherr ship cranes with capacities of up to 1000 tons enable the independent handling of heavy goods and break-bulk in ports. Furthermore, several cranes can be operated in tandem so utilizing the full potential of your cranes.