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Diesel Engines Repairs, specialized in CSE, DMD,YMD,QMD,SXD
Troubleshooting, SFV/ALS Retrofit - Fuel Pump O/H,
FIVA Valve O/H, PMS, Nabco-Rexroth spare parts

Junma Services Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore in 2005 and incorporated in 2007.

We are specialized in repairing, servicing, trouble-shooting for MAN B&W and Wartsila main, auxiliary engines and spare parts supply. We are the authorized repairer of HHM (Hudong Heavy Machinery), DMD (Dalian Marine Diesel) and YMD (YiChang Marine Diesel) built MAN and Wartsila engines and sales agent of Hudong DMD and YMD genuine engine spares.

We are also officially registered subcontractor to Sembawang and Jurong Shipyard Pte. Ltd.

With highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians, delivering technical services for the widely used MAN B&W and Wartsila-Sulzer engines. With true value of expertise in repairing, supervision and analysing and resolving complex engine defects. Providing our customers from normal engine maintenance works to specialized consultant services for full range engine and automation and control system trouble-shooting and repair electronic/pneumatic remote control and safety system.




Diesel Engine System

· All kinds of engine work such as fuel pumps overhauling, bearing survey, chain drive inspection and tightening and timing adjustment.

· Engine performance measurement and analysing, VIT and cam adjustment.

· Retrofit new Alpha Lubricating System, PMI system and other brands of performance measuring system.

· Bearing Wear Monitoring System installation.

· Special repair works like crack welding, change of cams and camshaft alignment.

· Trouble shooting on special cases like high exhaust temperature, turbocharger surging, severe cylinder condition problem.

· Onboard training course for vessel engineers and crews pertaining the engine procedure for troubleshooting problems on pneumatic/electronic remote control and safety system.

· Special repair solutions for marine diesel engine such as broken cylinder cover studs, cracks to engine frame, bedplate etc.

· Modification to existing engine to benefit from new design features like: Increase the water separation efficiency by modify air cooler casing. Improve cylinder condition by introduce high top land pistons, piston cleaning rings. CPR rings etc. Retrofit slide fuel valve to older engines.

· Servicing and troubleshooting of engine pneumatic control system.





Automation, Instrumentation and Control System

· Oil discharge Monitoring and Control System.

· Oily Water Separator and 15-PPM Bilge Alarm.

· Portable instrument, gas meter, UTI indicator, standard pressure gauge and thermometer etc. for servicing and annual calibration.

· Main Engine Remote Control System.

· Fire and Smoke Detection System.

· Combustible Gas Detection System.

· Boiler Automatic Control System.

· Inert Gas System Control System.

· Alarm and Shutdown Monitoring System

· Level Monitoring System.

· Pneumatic Control System.

· Hydraulic Control System.

· Electronic & Electrical Control System.

· Tank Gauging System.

· Temperature Monitoring System

· Tank Level and Pressure Monitoring System.



· Hudong Heavy Machineries Co., Ltd (HHM) 

· Dalian Marine Diesel Co., Ltd (DMD) 

· YiChang Marine Diesel Co., Ltd (YMD) 

· AMOT Bearing Condition Monitor (AMOT)