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Fire Fighting Systems

Your link to quality VTI service.

VTI fire is one of the core companies of VTI international industrial group USA, focusing on the field of firefighting equipment.

VTI international industrial group USA is an emerging comprehensive industrial group, involved in the fields such as fire protection, security, industrial valves and communications. The group is headquartered in Delaware, maintaining long-term close cooperation with outstanding manufacturers from more than 10 countries all over the globe. 

In 2013 VTI industrial group USA, in a pragmatic, efficient, cooperative spirit, brought our international fire protection products fully into the Chinese market. We work hand in hand with China local enterprises, complementary to each other’s advantages, in developing professional equipment, thus to provide better equipment to our customers, and create a promising future.

VTI Fire Systems maintains a global network of fire protection professionals who serve the marine industry. Backed by VTI’s worldwide resources, your nearby VTI fire protection professionals provides a complete range of cost- effective VTI solutions to all your marine fire protection challenges.

- Fire Protection Surveys

Whether it involves an engine room or a flammable storage area, your VTI fire protection professional analyses the fire hazard potential and recommends the best way to protect your people and equipment for the least expense.
- Single-Source Supply
As a direct link to VTI’s entire and wide range of fire suppression systems, your VTI fire protection professional offers the right combination of VTI fire protection to meet your needs.
- Expert Installation
Your local VTI fire protection professional is trained to install our Marine systems in accordance with established Maritime standards, on your schedule, whenever your vessels puts into port.
- Reliable Service
From training your people to emergency service, your VTI fire protection professional has the talent, tools, genuine VTI parts and commitment to protect your VTI investment.



 We provide the following equipment:

  • Fixed Water Based Local Application Fire Fighting System
  • High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Fire Fighting System
  • Accommodation Sprinkler System
  • Dry Chemical Powder Fire Fighting System
  • Low Expansion Foam Fire Fighting System
  • M-200 (HFC-227ea) system, IG-541 Gas Suppression System
  • IG-01 system, IG-100 system
  • Novec 1230, HPCO2 Gas suppression System
  • External Fire Fighting System

In the spirit of innovation, pragmatism and high-efficiency, VTI Company will become the leading supplier of gas firefighting. 

The value and competitiveness of our customers will be optimized and enhanced by our products and solution plans which are innovative and sustainable.