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Diesel Engine Services & Repairs,
Authorized by Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Boll & Kirch
Overhauling & Repair of T/C (MET, MAN, KBB, NAPIER), Reconditioning of Diesel Parts, Supply on exchange basis

Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc.
Authorized Distributor and Service Center

MSHS – Mitsui Cooperative Repair Shop
We are proud to be the only Mitsui Cooperative Repair Shop servicing both two-stroke engines and turbochargers in North America. The Mitsui program includes MC, MC-C, ME engines and NA and TCA turbochargers.

Mitsui Cooperative Repair Shop Advantages:
•    Repairs for all Mitsui turbochargers and engines
•    Factory-trained technicians
•    OEM specifications
•    24/7 emergency services
•    Technical support
•    Spares for other licensed-built engines
•    Inventory for strategic/wear components on bore-sizes 50 – 60 MCs and TCA88

MSHS Metalock Engineering USA (MME)

Motor-Services Hugo Stamp (MSHS) and Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH’s (MEG) joint venture MSHS Metalock Engineering USA (MME) has been created to strengthen the MSHS offering of diesel engine services with specialized : On Site Crankshaft Journal Machining Repair for the Marine and Stationary power markets, General On Site Machining such as Flange Facing, Drilling and Line Boring of engine main journal bores, wear and tear to rudder bores or emergency situations are offered globally.

Services for 4- and 2-Stroke Diesel Engines

•    Cylinder heads and liners
•    Exhaust valve assembly
•    Fuel equipment – pumps, pipes, injectors
•    Lube oil and water pumps
•    Pistons and connecting rods
•    Rocker gears and vibration dampers
•    Air starters
•    Seawater pumps
•    Bilge pumps

•    Bearings rehabbing and Azipod bearings modification
•    Customized and emergency repair solutions
•    In-place honing of liners and grinding of tablatures
•    Polishing of crankshaft journals and engine block machining
•    Precision horizontal boring and milling
•    Welding for machine shop repairs

Exchange program
•    Cylinder heads
•    Exhaust valve assembly
•    Fuel equipment – pumps, pipes, injectors
•    Water pumps

Laser Shaft & Bore Alignment
•    Built-in inclinometer sensor produces readings with 30-75 degrees of shaft rotation
•    Ideal for tight shipboard installations
•    Laser shaft alignment systems for horizontal & vertical machines
•    Auxiliary engines alignment to generators
•    Main engine to Gearbox alignment and or Propeller shaft
•    Gear Box alignment to PTO shaft
•    Intermediate shaft alignment to pedestal bearing assemblies
•    Main journal bore alignment to bed plate and/or A-frame
•    Straightening engine and or crane foundations

Field Services:
•    Emergency Diesel Engine Services
•    Diagnose, troubleshoot and disassemble diesel engines
•    Repair or replace components

On-Site / In-Situ Repairs:
•    On-site Crankshaft Repairs
•    Mobile Machining
•    Milling / Boring / Facing work


The MSHS work shop facility is well known for its workmanship and dedication to customer service.
Our goal is to service your entire capital equipment, starting with the main engines and generators and continuing with the entire related auxiliary systems such as:
•    Filtration and separation systems
•    Compressors
•    Deck Machinery
•    Heat exchangers
•    Diagnostic equipment
•    Monitoring and control systems

Authorized by leading manufacturers such as Boening, Boll, GEA, Hatlapa, Hengst, and Lemag, MSHS provides the following:
Services for all makers and models of auxiliary
•    Factory-trained technicians
•    Reconditioning
•    OEM authorized training
•    24/7 emergency services
•    Technical support
•    Inventory – new and exchange units