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Compressors, spare parts, service

Messrs. TANABE have been in business as an exclusive maker of Air, Gas compressors and cleaning machineries for over eighty-eight years and thus have been able to meet the demands of various industrial fields.
The marine compressor has especially become their core business  and they have delivered high-pressure compressors to thousands of large and medium size ships built all over the world.




TANABE sells spare parts, maintenance parts, complete units  and offers maintenance services, installations services, pipework construction and other operations for pistons, screw air compressors, cleaning equipment and other devices using compressed air.



  • Starting Air compressors (Vertical & V-type Water Cooled & Air Cooled)
  • Control & General Service Compressors (V-type 2-stage Air Cooled)
  • Control Compressors (V-type Air Cooled Oil-Free)


  • General Service & Control Compressors (Screw type, Air & Water Cooled)
  • Emergency & Small Starting  (Vertical or V-Type Air Cooled)
  • Automatic Control Compressors


  •  Liquid Gas Transfer Compressor, LPG (Vertical 1-stage, Water Cooled Oil-Free)



✔ Compact and light type (cost saving)
✔ Easy maintenance
✔ Improvement of performance
✔ High durability and reliability
✔ Prevention of pollution



✔ Advanced engineering features insure highest efficiency and endurance
✔ Balanced simple design conforms to all maritime compressed air requirement
✔ Certified by all registers of shipping (LR, AB, BV, NV, GL, NK) through long experience in production
✔ Dual profit by low maintenance cost together with reliable performance