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The history of Osaka Boiler dates back to 1925  and has been producing boilers ever since.
Osaka Boiler operated through the advancement of the manufacturing business of Japan meeting the needs of the industry unconditionally.
As the shipbuilding industry made dramatic advances during the years of steep economic growth, Osaka Boiler began focusing on marine boilers.
Osaka Boiler has obtained countless experience from their long history.


New Product: Energy-saving waste heat recovery boiler

OSAKA BOILER MFG. CO., LTD. developed new product "OH Series" which recover the waste heat of Main Diesel Engine (M/E) and Diesel Generator Engine (D/G) simultaneously in 1 boiler.

Merit-1: Reduction of fuel consumption by 5-15%

 Merit-2: Improvement of evaporation shortage     

Merit-3: Reduction of consumable parts cost        

Conventional products generate steam with burner operation in harbor, and with waste heat recovery of M/E during the voyage. However, exhaust gas temperature of M/E is decreasing with tightening of environmental regulations, and the design condition of the conventional products continues to worsen. In future, it is predicted that the exhaust gas temperature will decrease more. It means conventional products have concern for a shortage of evaporation in future vessels.

"OH Series"
generate steam with waste heat recovery of both of M/E and D/G. So, reduction of fuel consumption in harbor is possible, and evaporation shortage during voyage is improved. Furthermore, exchange frequency of consumable parts for burner reduces because burner operation time becomes short.

"OH Series"
have the exhaust gas isolation plates inside, executing waste heat recovery without confluence of each exhaust gas. Easy handling, easy maintenance and easy repair are achieved with adoption of reputable smoke tube.

Since "OH Series" have 3 models (OHB [Hybrid Boiler], OHEE [Hybrid Exhaust gas Economizer], OHEB [Hybrid Exhaust gas Boiler] ), it is adoptable to various kind of vessels.

We believe "OH Series" contribute to up-grade of the vessel's value.

image008 OHB    image009 OHEE    image011 OHEB



Welding work is required in the production of boilers which has and still been utilized through the hands of  professional artisans. Due to the environment that boilers are used in, a high degree of precision is necessary. For instance, if a boiler used in a vessel was not constructed properly, problems such as explosion or worst case scenario, capsizing may occur.

Therefore, emphasis on welding work must be accurate with no room for error. The buildup and succession of such skill is an important corporate value for Osaka Boiler.

The installation of testing equipment, boiler factories (approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare), and endorsements from the Class NK and many other quality recognition around the globe, are also the advantages of Osaka Boiler. Such objective approvals were acquired from the skills generated by the handwork and the backbone of Osaka Boiler.