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"Fuji Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd." was established as a capital and technology alliance between Japan "Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd." and German "Siemens AG". The company name derived from these two companies' first sound "Fu" and "Si"and the highest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji.


The brand expresses the desire to provide customers and society with the value of Fuji Electric innovation. As experts in electronics manufacturing and pioneers of cutting-edge energy technology, Fuji Electric offers the products of the future to meet customer demands and contribute to the creation of responsible and sustainable societies everywhere they do business.


Your Choice of SOx scrubber: Small, lightweight, low pressure loss

Fuji Electric’ Sox scrubber for ships is the very first in the world to use cyclone technology. Within the scrubber, a highly diffused spray of wash water increases contact between exhaust gases and liquid droplets, removing Sox by absorption. The cyclone method makes a mixing plate (which needs regular maintenance) unnecessary and so it also makes for lower maintenance costs.


World’s smallest SOx Scrubber that removes over 98% of SOx

By adopting cyclone technology, Fuji Electric’s Sox scrubber keeps pressure loss to less than 1KPa and has achieved significant downsizing.
Our scrubber is 50% more compact than other Sox scrubbers on the market: it is lightweight, facilitating installation in Ships.
The Sox scrubber can remove over 98% of Sulphur in exhaust gases. It’s operation can be optimized based on engine load, minimizing fuel consumption and impact on operating costs.