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Singapore, China
Sterntube Seal Replacement, Spares & Sevice

Established as Chester’s Technoservices Pte Ltd in 2008 the company has built a reputation in the repair of sterntube seal business.

Chester aim in providing a wide range of specialized marine service and supply of marine equipment to shipping companies worldwide. Headquartered in Singapore together with their technical office based in Shanghai, China they are able to cater to the needs of the marine repair industry. Since 1987, they have been partnered with Blohm and Voss Germany and represented them as service stations in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. They are also Warsila's Service Contractors assisting with the service jobs for all models and make under the Wartsila brand.

One stop sterntube seal service provider

Class-approved Sterntube Seal


  • Class approval composite sterntube bearing for water lubricated type (OD: 10mm-1600mm, Length: up to 1400mm)
  • Oil lubricated for trust pad bearing (Vane type steering gear)
  • Class approved rudder bearing for dry, oil, water or grease
  • Composite bearing for deck equipment, pump and etc


  • Designed and developed for open water lubricated propeller shafts
  • Complete with a triple security lip seal design the seal system has been developed to operate efficiently in all water conditions.
  • Shaft size: 60mm – 476mm (2.5” – 18.75”)
  • Water lubricated, FWD cavities water or grease lubricated


  • Designed and developed for oil lubricated propeller shaft
  • Complete with the special design lip seal the seal system has been developed to operate efficiently with EAL oils* and in all water conditions
  • Whether is it a new build or to retrofit your vessel the seal system has been designed to work in all situations. Custom-fit solutions are available for ‘limited construction space’ seal designs
  • Shaft size: 80mm – 803mm (3” -31.5”)
  • Oil lubricated (including EAL oils)

*Compatible with VGP compatible oils including biodegradable oils and synthetic oils. Please contact for further details regarding your specific requirements.


  • Warranty for all service work (under normal operating conditions)
  • Covered under professional indemnity insurance
  • Factory-trained engineers with experience since 1986
  • 24hr round the clock service station, for all area coverage