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Japan, Singapore
Pumps, spare parts

TAIKO Brand is all about high quality that satisfies customer needs.

Established in 1956, from Oil to Water, Water to Air, Air to Vacuum our principals apply advaced technology and continues to acquire expertise on marine pumps.

TAIKO has an organization in place that is ready to support our customers' businesses, ensuring high product reliability by solid technological research and development and high quality control standard, a broad range of products for transportation of fluid of different types, and a service network that assures service provision on a global basis.

Pumps that keep running:
that is the most critical performance emphasized by the marine world.

Pumps that are installed in engines inside a vessel are truly versatile. The greatest performance they are expected to fulfill is that “they never stop working”. Anticipating if something should go wrong, it is indispensable to have a support system that provides swift fix and a maintenance system that can perform appropriate maintenance service such as regular parts change.

TAIKO brand maritime pumps support voyages of numerous vessels that travel across the seven seas in the world today.

Wherever there are needs for fluid transfer,TAIKO works on cutting edge technology such as environmentally adaptive water supply/ drainage and exhaust gas that preserves and protects air and sea water from pollution, as well as energy saving technology that enables vessels navigate with less energy consumption, which pushes our principals' brand to world class in global markets